• Project Type: Collaboration
  • Location: Cosentino
  • Description: Furniture Collection

Optimise Design for Cosentino

We were thrilled to be approached by Cosentino to design something with their beautiful new Silestone collection ‘Sunlit Days’

For this collaboration we wanted to find a way to use as many of the beautiful colours in the collection as possible and also to use the material in a way that showed it’s versatility. So we chose to create a series of furniture pieces.

Our furniture collection consists of three core elements – a coffee table, a console and side table. Each piece of furniture incorporates one neutral and one bolder hue from the ‘Sunlit Days’ Collection.

We wanted the furniture pieces to evoke the feeling of lightness and to play with shadows. We created cut-outs in the vertical slabs making what is a solid surface feel light and
airy. The cut-outs also create lovely shadows evoking how light plays with architectural structures like pergolas and brise soleil in the sunshine.

Each furniture piece is made up of three separate elements. A colourful top, a perforated upright section and a delicate metal frame.

The pieces are currently being manufactured and will be released later in 2021.