Reception fit-out West Wood Gym Clontarf
  • Project Type: Commercial
  • Location: Clontarf, co. Dublin
  • Description: West Wood Gym

West Wood Gym – Clontarf

Introducing our design for the West Wood Gym reception in Clontarf. This fresh and inviting space showcases our ability to create dynamic spaces tailored for replication across multiple locations. We focused on crafting an environment that radiated vibrancy and warmth, making it a welcoming haven for gym-goers.

The new layout was thoughtfully planned to optimise functionality, seamlessly integrating staff offices, a café, seating areas, and WC facilities. Our design featured a lively colour palette, with refreshing pops of orange and green that energise the space. Lush green walls and carefully placed plantings were incorporated, promoting a sense of well-being and fostering a thriving ambience.

We introduced timber panelling for added depth and texture to elevate the space’s visual and tactile experience. The result is a sophisticated and inviting sanctuary where members can relax and socialise after workouts. Our design transformed the Clontarf location and set a new precedent for West Wood Gym’s clubs, embodying our commitment to creating exceptional and inviting environments.

Photos by Donal Murphy Photography