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PLAY: How to create children’s rooms that enhance family life

This is the final video in the series, I share my experience of designing my own children’s rooms and show how it’s not only given them both a space that will adapt and evolve with them as they grow but how the changes we’ve implemented have improved our day to day lives.

I have two boys. Conan, thirteen and Billy, nine. Neither of their bedrooms really worked very efficiently. They both love lego and making things but there was nowhere to display anything, there was no designated storage, so there was constant arguing over where certain toys were and finding things was never easy.

Their wardrobes had been in the house when we moved in and were filled with lots of shelves. So it was difficult for the boys to find anything. When they went searching for their favourite t-shirt or top, they pulled all of the clothes out and threw them all over the floor.

After really assessing the space and what we needed in each of the rooms I designed wardrobes with fewer shelves and a mix of drawers and hanging space, making it much easier for both of the boys to see and access their clothes. The wardrobes also had open shelving for them to display their books, lego creations and other bits and pieces. Simple stuff like this made their use and enjoyment of the space much better.

When it comes to designing children’s rooms, it’s essential to get the children involved. The colours you choose, the lighting, the layout of the furniture – these things have a significant impact on how your children experience the room. Perhaps they have a favourite colour. With our boys one of them loves red, and the other loves yellow so we brought those colours into each of their rooms and it was amazing the impact that had.

They now also have space to hang out in their rooms. We’ve incorporated desk spaces in each room for homework and studying so the room can adapt and accommodate their needs as they get older.

All of the changes that we made have eliminated the little day to day problems which were causing arguments, bickering and negatively impacting our day to day lives. I would honestly have to say that both kids are better behaved since we’ve made these changes. And I think one of the biggest reasons for that is that they both have their own space and they know where all of their stuff is.

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