• Project Type: Residential
  • Location: Donnybrook, Dublin 4
  • Description: New Build - Interior Design
  • Who lives here: Family with three young children
  • Type of house: Detached

Interior Design New Build Family Home

Optimise Design was hired to create an interior scheme to complement this new build family home in Donnybrook. We wanted to create a contemporary design that felt 100% livable. So it was essential to us that each of the rooms was designed in a way that encouraged them to be used and enjoyed. We did not want any rooms to feel off limits or exclusive in any way. We wanted everyone to feel really good from the minute they stepped through the front door. The choice of materials, colours and furnishings were carefully considered to create a home that felt both welcoming and relaxing but vibrant at the same time. The end result is a kid-friendly home that can also grow up with the family.

Photography by Donal Murphy.