Whether to stay put and upgrade the home that you are in or move can be a dilemma. Whichever option you decide on will have costs, however, it is generally cheaper to try to find a way to maximise the potential of your current home than to move.

We had the pleasure of reimagining this bungalow in Foxrock for a young family a few years ago, at the time they had just bought the house and wanted to radically change it both inside and out. The focus at the time was to reconfigure and extend the ground floor to create spaces that worked or them and their 2 young children.

From Bungalow to Beautiful Family home

3 years and a third child later and they returned to us looking to create more space. The brief was to create an additional bedroom and bathroom and to create more storage.


There was a first floor in the house which was used as a home office and guest bedroom but the spaces were small and not connected to each other. We designed a layout that involved adding dormers to the front and back of the house to create a master suite with his and hers dressing areas as well as a large ensuite with bath and walk in shower and a bedroom with views over the garden.

Converting an attic

In the first phase of this project we had maximised the ground floor of this home but the attic space represented the unlocked potential that would give our clients the extra space that they needed.


The whole project was completed in 2 months and the result has radically transformed our clients enjoyment of their home, they now have a beautiful space that they can retreat to with plenty of room for their family to grow into.

If you need more space but adore the area that you live in and have reservations about leaving behind neighbours, amenities and the place that feels so much like home, then renovation may be the wiser choice. You will more than likely have built up equity in your home and invested in it over the years. Taking all of this into account improving the home that you have will be the most cost effective and least traumatic choice to find the extra space that you need.

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